Application of the Product and Information

You may use the glycolic peel on your hands, face OR neck.

Step 1: Cleanse the face, neck, and hands with the Deep Cleansing Solution with a cotton ball or sponge. Rinse the cleanser with clean warm water and gently pat dry.
Step 2: Apply a small amount of Glycolic Peel Solution to the area cleansed and prepped. Leave on for recommended amount of time.
Step 3: Rinse well with cool water for 2 minutes and pat dry.
Step 4: Apply moisturizer to treated areas

Recommended Time Schedule

First Week Product left on for 1 minutes
Week 2 Product left on for 2 minutes
Week 3 Product left on for 4 minutes
Week 4 Product left on for 6 minutes
Week 5 Product left on for 8 minutes
Week 6 Product left on for 10 minutes
Schedule applications as necessary on a Weekly basis.


•Keep the Glycolic Peel at least a quarter of an inch away from the eyes and mucus membranes.
•If sever skin irritation occurs remove the product by rinsing with cool water immediately and consult a physician.
•Do not apply to irritated, sensitive skin or skin with open wounds or after extraction.
•Do not apply the Peel Product more than once in a 7 day Period.
•Do Not expose your face to the sun for 24 hours before or after the application of the Peel
•Do Not apply the Peel to skin that has been waxed or shaved within 24 Hours.
•When using the Glycolic Peel a stinging sensation occurs this is normal.
•If the product is applied to an area where dermabrasions or small cuts on the skin produce too much discomfort Neutralize the exfoliator by rinsing with lukewarm water.
•Slight reddening of the skin may occur for a limited period of time especially with sensitive skin types





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Keep products out of reach of children! Misuse of chemical products can cause injury and burns.



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